about us


          Ours is a national organisation functioning in the name of National Fisherfolk Forum (NFF), functioning for the socio, political, educational, environmental, ecological and livelihood rights and development of the fisher communities – both coastal and inland – living in all the 7 union territories and 29 states of India. The fisher communities of India, that are most oppressed, suppressed and marginalised are one of the oldest inhabitants of India.

We are also tribal since just like the tribal who live by hunting in the forests and mountains, we also live by hunting even omnivores large sea mammals by negotiating in the sea with small catamarans. With the objective of raising the voice of the community living in such precarious livelihood conditions, we started this organisation and we have now member organisations of traditional fisher communities in all the coastal states and in some inland states. The traditional fisher communities in India who are dependent on fishing for livelihood in Indian ocean, bay of Bengal, Arabic sea and in perennial rivers, reservoirs, dams, lakes, ponds, tanks and such other water bodies and therefore live closer to them. Thus living for centuries and eking a living from fishing, the fisher communities have been left with little or insufficient development. NFF, with the sole objective of working for the development of these traditional fisher communities in education and socio, cultural and political aspects, works under the eminent leadership of Mr. M. Ilango Ex MLA of Puducherry and been growing from strength to strength.

Mr. M. Ilango has experience of having worked in National Fishworkers Forum in various capacities such as national executive member, general secretary and Chairperson and also been CC member of WFFP and with such insight was able to form NFF along with the support and involvement of senior leaders of the various organisations of the traditional fisher communities existing in many states of India. Unlike some organisations claiming to work for fisher welfare and that are run with selfish motives by non fisher NGO, NFF works with the objective of bringing together the traditional fisher community organisations dependent on sea, rivers and water bodies from all over India and turning coalition into lofty people’s force.

And unlike those fisher organisations who think that there is no need to coordinate the inland fisher organisations, NFF strongly believes in bringing all the fisher communities together: coastal and inland. Setting aside short term benefits, NFF works with proper perspectives and broader objectives of achieving long term benefits for the fisher communities of coastal and inland. NFF has a whole band of committed intellectuals, advisers, technocrats, lawyers and scientists as supporters to achieve these long term objectives.

NFF works to protect the traditional fisher communities from so called pro development corporate advantageous activities of central and state governments such as uprooting fisher communities from their inhabitants that are close to their livelihood through new Coastal Zone Management, mega dams and reservoirs and other disastrous activities such as non action on attack of fishermen by the neighbouring countries, incarceration of them and confiscation of their boats and gears as against UN recommendations.

NFF works as a national organisation bringing together fisher organisations run full and full by the Indian fisher communities from all over India with the objective of protecting the traditional rights of living and future fisher generations. NFF is working hard towards becoming an organisation that truly national through having membership of traditional fisher organisations in all the 36 states including 7 Union Territories of India.